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- 9/26/05

We have just done the first board - break - a -thon event for the Taekwondo School and the Simon Youth Fund. It was a great time and we raised almost $500 for kids in need. Check out the photos.

- 7/6/05

Ok. So I now have my own Ebay account. I will be selling items under my own account, which is "fritzdinkle". Just click on the link to see what I'm selling ( The other links on this page only bring you to what my friend Brad is selling. Also, the picture gallery on has been updated some to include the events during May in NY. Check it out.


- 6/7/05

With tears still in my eyes, I must carry on. That being said, I would like to say thank you to everyone who attended my graduation party in Virginia and New York. I would also like to thank Grand Master Thomas Henzey and the SWAT Team at 7 tigers for their support. I would especially like to thank my Grandma Lois and Mom for all of your help, hard work, and monetary assistance. Pictures from the events will soon be posted. Also check out my ebay auctions again to see what is happening (


- 6/6/05

Today will forever be known as the new black monday. Many of my fish/inverts in my reef tank died mysteriously. Among the casualties are fifi (firefish goby), Yippy (yellow tang), Corina (Coral beauty angelfish), 2 sally lightfoot crabs, and our very beloved Sir William - the coral banded shrimp. They will all be sorely missed. Who knows if the remaining three fish will die, but in the meantime we are constantly monitoring the tank and changing the water. More updates as they come.


- 4/8/05

Hey everybody, time is getting near for my formal graduation from UVa. I wanted to know who was coming down to Virginia to watch the ceremonies. It will be on Sunday, May 22nd at 12-2 or around there in the Chemistry Building Auditorium. There are also other things going on all that weekend. At around 3pm or so on Sunday there will be a graduation party for the family at the 7-Tigers martial arts school here in Charlottesville. My instructor was nice enough to let us use the building. Let me know what food/activities you would like. Also we can schedule a demonstration with board breaking and stuff if you are interested (since I run the demo team for the school and we could use some practice). So e-mail or call and let me know what's up.


- 4/6/05

Hello everyone, check out my Ebay auctions! I am selling a bunch of things on ebay with a friend of mine from work. Just use this link ( to see what we are selling at any given time. Right now the really hot item is the Ewok Village with our version of the disgruntled ewok. Check it out!

- 4/5/05

Hello everyone, welcome to the new web page. First, a few things, I need information from everyone. I would like everybody's e-mail address for the web page and so I can contact them about things. I also need some information for some of the pages, so if you see some holes, just send me the information. If you want me to fill in your favorite web sites in the links section - just let me know. Also, any photos you want posted just send them my way and we will get them online. It would be nice too if anybody else made a web page for us to have links to (as opposed to only Carl and I), so get to it! Anyway, check out everything and let me know where there is problems. Later.


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