The Schmidtmann Family (Rochester, NY)

This is the family links page. Look for each persons favorite sites. These include the businesses and other sites that we have designed.

Frank's Favorites
Carl's Choice

Rita's Referral
Andrea's Advice

Frank's Favorites

Other pages I have designed:

McGarvey Lab Website - My undergrad labsite

Frank's Martial Arts Page - a great site for my Martial arts training

Good Links:

Icanhascheezburger - cute cat site with great links

Failblog - just too funny

ATA Leadership Martial Arts - The site for the school where I train (silly but real news), The Best page in the Universe!, and of course: icanhascheezburger!

Carl's Choice - My business webpage

Rita's Referral

Andrea's Advice

St. John Fisher College - currently attending

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