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Welcome to the Schmidtmann Family (of Rochester NY) webpage. Our family (the Schmidtmann part at least) came over from Germany during the great depression and has staked its claim in and around the city of Rochester, New York. We have managed to keep the family small and in close contact. This website is where we can all view our family photos and keep updated on what is going on with everybody. It also gives us a forum to list our favorite websites and share our different business/recreational websites with each other. If you see anything that you think needs more info, or if something is wrong or missing all together, please email me or Carl to get things fixed. Thanks for stopping by!

Frank Schmidtmann

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Christmas 2010 Gift list and this years game: The Guessing Game

Ok. So this will be our 7th year of having fun games at Christmas. The past years have been a huge success - check out the Christmas page for details. For 2010 we are going to try a new angle with the "Oh you shouldn't have.....really" game. Ok so here it is:

- The objective is to buy a gift for the individual that is the most annoying and frustrating thing imaginable.

- Try to cater it specifically to that person, so something they would definitely hate or become frustrated with

- Try to stay within a $15 budget

- Remember to be nice but annoying, and of course there will be a swap at the end if you wish so someone might actually enjoy the odd gifts.

- The voting will be determined as usual, and you can't vote for yourself (and only one vote per person Bill). They voting might be based on the person's response to opening such a horrible gift. Lets go crazy this year!!

The published list (so no excuses):

Karen buys for Rita

Bill - Karen

Carl - Andrea

Rita - Eric

Eric - Carl

Sharon - Frank

Andrea - Erin

Josh - Fred

Erin - Abby

Dude - Bill

Frank - Nate

Abby - Josh

Nate - Dude

Uncle Fred - Sharon


***Also here is the 2010 list for the standard gifts as well (around $50ish):

Karen buys for Erin

Bill - Carl

Carl - Bill

Rita - Andrea

Eric - Josh

Sharon - Rita

Andrea - Eric

Josh - Sharon

Erin - Karen

Dude - Frank

Frank - Dude

Updates on FACEBOOK! - The Schmidtmann Family Page

So, we now have a Schmidtmann Family Facebook page. Just sign into Facebook and search for "Schmidtmann"

Please join as we need more members and feel free to write on the wall or post photos

Recent News

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August 2008 - Frank Joins ATA Leadership Martial Arts

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March 2006 - Webpage Updated with new look, NEWS - Christmas plan for 2006

January 2006 - Carl and Rita move back to Rochester, leaving only the Virginians to hold out from NY.

Decemebr 2005 - Frank is awarded his second degree black belt in Jidokwan Taekwondo. Check out the pics.

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