The Schmidtmann Family (Rochester, NY)

The Schmidtmann family has always had the most fun at Christmas. This is a archive detailing our Christmas games since 2004.

Round Robin Gift Cards - 2004
Make a gift - 2005
Deal of the Century - 2006

Shoebox of Personality - 2007

The Perfect Match - 2008

The Guessing Game - 2009

Round Robin Gifts Cards - 2004

For the first year of interesting gifts, I decided to give everyone a chance to blindly pick gift cards out of a bag. It was very interesting and Uncle Eric got the best card (Victoria's Secret) and Grandma Joan got her favorite - Barnes and Noble. This set the stage for who was to make gifts for who the next year.

Make a gift - 2005

Ok. So for 2005 we each had to make a gift for whoever was drawn from a hat the year before. This was a huge success and people really came through with nice gifts. For example Bill made Andrea an awesome spoonrack (see the photo). Frank made his Dad a website for his business and Karen made Dude some PJs. All in all, it made for a very fun and wonderful Christmas

Deal of the Century 2006

So, for 2006 we had our best fun yet - The deal of the century. With this everyone had to spend only $10 on the chosen individual and get the best deal (the highest retail value). People really shined this year - we saw a $60 backpack for only $6, USB drives, jewelry, clocks, frames, mugs, DVDs for free. Abby claimed the first prize ever (a $20 gift card for Target) with her assortment of ornaments, mugs, and a cookbook for Karen totaling only $2!! Uncle Carl had a great deal - although not a big sale - it was still a huge hit with Nate. If only we could have this much fun every year!

ShoeBox of Personality 2007

Great showing by everyone this year. We saw some great shoeboxes (and a few bags for those who are shoe box deprived). Neat theme boxes came out this year, the aquarium box (which its a good thing there was no real fish because the cat jumped righ in) or the box of Moose for Nate. In the end - Grandpa Werner seized the gift card prize this year for his medical supply box for Andrea. Well done everyone!

The Perfect Match

Another great sucess this year with the perfect match. We saw a lot of alcoholic beverages paired with glasses/games which was cool. We saw a bunch of cool ornaments for Carl matched with Star trek and a very nice purse from karne to Bahar. Sharon took the prize this year with a very nice gift to Abby of an umbrella perfectly coordinated with a rainy day game set from Disney - even the wrapping paper matched. Wonderful job!!

The Guessing Game

Good Times this year with the guessing game. We saw some great gifts and some close guesses for many items. I got some great bar glasses while others got puzzles, coffee, and applesauce. Josh took the prize with his amazing spot on guess of 130 - and in turn, Bill took the other prize with his box of candy to Josh. Great job again everyone and lets really make next year great!!



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